OK, so we get it, advertising has been a bit sluggish on Google AdWords and webmasters/business owners have realized why pay $10 to bring a visitor to their site through Google AdWords when they can re-assess their marketing budgets on optimization.

Google claims they are changing algorithms to weed out sites that focus too much on key word emphasis to get quality sites in the main search.  Personally I think its hypocritical.  Google takes paid advertisements from business owners and webmasters all the time.  Why not pay a blogger to advertise your site on their website or even write a review?  Same concept but AdWords is a more expensive form of advertising.  Punish the optimized sites, force them back on to AdWords.  Sounds like bullying after all they control their own search engine.  Scary thing is they can make or break an online business pretty easily considering they own the search engine world where Bing/Yahoo really don’t hold much weight these days.

Google is slowly becoming a monopoly and will eventually be the only game in town.  Scary when you think of it?