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Have a car for sale and just can seem to sell it?  Lot’s of people have this proplem and just want to get cash for cars.  This is a pretty easy thing to do these days with RCO Cash  For cars!  RCO Auto Sales has always been Staten Islands #1 car buying service but now they are taking over NYC!

If you are thinking,”Where can I sell my car?”, then look no further.  RCO will pay the cash for cars you need!

Located at 49 Englewood Ave #2 Staten Island NY 10309, you can either call them directly at 718-227-2317 or visit them online at



As mentioned in the past, the used car market can sometimes be like the stock market.  Prices can fluctuate with the season, gas prices, and the overall state of the economy.

An easy and hassle free way to sell my car would be to use a cash for cars service such as ours cash for cars ny.  We offer customers a way to get free no hassle quotes on how much their car may be worth.  All you have to do is visit any one of our 3 websites,, and

The whole process would take 20 minutes or less for you to get paid.


So it’s time to sell your car and trying to find that buyer is getting pretty frustrating.  One might think about turning to to sell their car.  At one time I could honestly say this would have been a viable choice however lately most buyers on Ebaymotors tend to offer less money then we offer.  Fact is at one time we sold some of our inventory on Ebaymotors but over the past few years it seems that the money we get offered is less then what we actually paid for the car.  Not to bash Ebay but on occasion you can land a successful deal.  These days it seems few and far.  We have several ideas for Ebay so if they happen to find this and want to contact us, it would be a pleasure.

If you are looking for fast cash for cars, and don’t want to deal with the hassle of private buyers, tire kickers, and online auctions, you can get a free no hassle quote on how much your car is worth by visiting any of our 3 websites.,, and  All 3 sites will get you a free no hassle cash for cars quote.

You may also feel free to call us directly at 718-227-2317.


Sell Car for Instant Cash. Staten Island & New Yorks Premier used car buying service. Call 1-718-887-1873.

As always, we’d like to offer our Staten Island readers the opportunity to get more information about getting cash for cars Staten Island!  Most Staten Island residents, do not even know that a company like this exists on Staten Island.  We make it easy for Staten Islanders to sell their used or unwanted vehicles without all the hassle of trying to do it themselves.  In fact, rather than driving all the way to Manhattan to a company like car cash, we can take care of you right here on Staten Island.

The funny thing is our reputation is really starting to grow.  The fact is we get calls and do all types of business with customers out of the Staten Island NY area including residents in the states of NJ, PA, MA, MD and DE.

To get a free no hasssle cash for cars staten island or sell my car staten island quote, you can visit us online at or call 718-227-2317 for a free no hassle quote.  Most transactions take less than 20 minutes for you to get cash for cars!

We are located at 49 Englewood Ave #2 Staten Island, NY 10309 by appointment only!


As we enter a new week, it looks like the wholesale market, although still strong, is showing signs of slowing down a bit.  This still means cash for cars is a strong alternative then trying to sell your car on your own.  Eliminating all the hassle of trying to negotiate and entertaining the tire kickers is worth its weight on its own.  As always, you can get a free no hassle cash for cars quote on our websites, and  Both sites will quickly render you an estimate on how much your car may be worth.

We have also launched a cash for junk cars url for all our local residents looking to get rid of their older or serverly damaged vehicles.  If you are asking yourself, “Where do I junk my car Staten Island?”, we are your answer.

We are located at 49 Englewood Ave #2 Staten Island, NY 10309 and open by appointment only.  For immediate service we can be contacted at 718-227-2317.


While trading in your car does offer some advantages such as a sales tax break (only in some states) and you don’t have to schouffer your car around looking for a buyer there are some disadvantages.  The major disadvantage is not knowing what you are actually paying for your new car.

The number one question any dealer has for a car buyer is do you have a trade?  This is asked before you do any type of business.  Most trade in values are often quoted higher then what the car is actually worth, in these cases the dealer is going to make up the difference in making you over pay for your new car.  Funny thing is all along you thought they were just nice guys.  You didnt expect them to lose money did you?

When dealing with a cash for cars company such as ours or, you take away all the guessing and get paid cash for cars quickly and usually in less than 20 minutes.  This does 2 very important things, 1 takes away the guessing of what your car is really worth and 2 allows you to do business with any automotive dealer with cash down.

For more information on how to sell my car in  the New York area, visit us online or call 718-227-2317 to get a cash for cars ny quote today!


The easiest way of getting fast cash for cars is simple…Cash For Cars NY!  Cash for Cars New York is operated by RCO Auto Sales of Staten Island.  We pride ourselves as New York’s premier car buying service.  Our approach is much different than other Car Cash companies.  While most companies over quote you over the telephone to get you excited and then low ball you when you arrive, Cash For Cars NY gives you a legit quote from the beginning.  Our philosophy is simple, we wouldn’t want this to happen to us if we were selling the car so why do it to others.  We call this tactic the reverse bait and switch.

Cash for Cars New York will give you a fast quote just by filling out a simple online questionnaire on our website or by calling 718-227-2317.

The whole process from the time you arrive usually takes less than 20 minutes and you get cash for cars.  Just bring us your title and drivers license.  We do all the paperwork.

Stop wasting time and call us today to get the fast cash for cars you need!


So the car you purchased just a few years ago just doesnt seem to excite you like it once did.  Maybe, you just want to buy something new but you seem to be getting the run around with your trade value.  A simple way to get cash for cars is by visiting Cash for Cars NY online at  By filling out a simple questionaire, you get a fast estimate on how much cash for cars you can get.

This eliminates all the hassles of bartering with a trade it and for the general car seller, you just get fast cash for cars!

The whole process usually takes 20 minutes or less.  We do all the paperwork and deal with your finance company if necessary.  No headaches here when thinking, “Where can I sell my car?”.

Visit us online today or call 718-227-2317 to schedule an immediate appoinment!


Anybody who has a car for sale they know it’s a difficult task.  Most tire kickers often come to look at a car and try and make up stories to the car owner and offer salvage money to buy the car.   This is only part of the problem, not only do you have to contend with them you also have strangers calling at all ours of the day and night, not to mention the bleeding heart stories (that aren’t true).

Our service offers cash for cars NY!  Most of our clients that need cash for cars walk away happy and they were paid in 2o minutes or less.  Located in Staten Island, we assist customers all over the NY metropolitan area such as NJ MD PA and DE.

We also have a junk car service exclusive to Staten Island residents.  Our junk car url is .  We have a vast network of junk dealers in the area that will pay you top dollar for that unwanted clunker!

JUNK MY CAR IN STATEN ISLAND! is now helping Staten Islanders get cash for junk cars.  With the launch of our new url,, we now give residents an easy way to sell junk cars.  Most customers that contact us frequently ask the same question, “How do I junk my car in Staten Island?”  Well the answer is simple.  Give us a call at 718-227-2317 or visit us online.

Even if the car is disabled, we can make an appointment to pick up that junk car!