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Are you thinking what to do with your old car that is sitting in your garage? Or the car that is inherited to you from your parents or grandparents?

Junker Clunkers is a great site that gives you the best solution to get cash for old car.

Junker Clunkers, like Clunker Junkers is an all type of vehicle removal service in the New York New Jersey metro areas. We are the largest buyers of old cars in NY NJ metroa area. and we pay instant cash for old car. We buy all types of vehicles – car, truck, or SUV. Regardless of the year, make, model and condition we buy all vehicles for cash.

Whenever we get a lead from the seller in our coverage area, we make the arrangement with our buyers that are able to buy directly from you and pay you instant cash.  All you have do is visit online at or simply dial 888-908-7314 and speak to one of our representatives about the vehicle you want to sell and any additional sale-related details. You can also fill out an online quote form for quick service. We guarantee that we will make a proper assessment of the vehicle you want to sell and get you a fair price. The offer for your old car will come straight our buyers, no third parties. When you accept the offer you will get paid ” that is it!” If it sounds easy it’s only because it really is.

We guarantee your absolute satisfaction with the selling process. While getting cash for old cars is often difficult and many choose to donate, we encourage you to try us and get your old car sold, no matter how old it is and how much repairs it requires! Junker Clunkers operates to the highest Ethical Buying Practices standard and make sure that you only make one call to complete your car sale. There is no reason to be stuck with an old car that you can sell it. Just call at 888-908-7314 and get cash for your old car today!

Sell Junk Cars In Staten Island To Cash for Cars New York Easily – Helping Junk Car Owners In Staten Island Junk Their Vehicles.

New York’s most reputed car buying service, Cash for Cars New York has expanded junk vehicle disposal service.  Cash for Cars New York has just made waves in the market place once again by expanding its car buying service to include junk car removal for their customers. The junk vehicle owners can find out the present market price of their old trucks and cars with and have CFCNY set up an appointment removing their car and paying cash.  Cash for Cars New York is a NYC Metro Area car buying service that pays top dollar for all types of used cars.

The old truck and car and truck owners in Staten Island NY can now benefit from Cash for Cars New York removal service.   Their service has been appreciated by all for its no hassle straight forward approach. Cash for Cars New York has been operating in Staten Island with great success since 2005. The new expansion to include junk vehicles will help car owners find out how much their junk vehicle is worth, and pick them up paying cash without tow expenses.  It is important to mention here that Cash for Cars New York provides maximum price guarantee to all their customers, irrespective of the condition of their abandoned trucks and cars. Find out more about the cash for junk cars Staten Island service from the company by visiting

Cash for Cars New York has probably received most attention among all junk car removal service companies in the New York Metro area.  With the constant support from an local associates using our reputable cash for junk cars Staten Island New York service, CFCNY  continues to dominate the Staten Island market. Cash for Cars New York continues its online presence by offering an instant quote over the phone and fast online responses. This service given its instant pricing hopes to attract more Staten Island New York residents looking to sell their junk vehicle.

About the Company: is a growing cash for junk cars service that offers junk car removal that provides a cash payment for the junk car and truck owners in Staten Island area and throughout the New York Metro Area.  To learn more about the Staten Island service visit the company website,


Cash for cars online sites offer people who have used, scrap or junk automobiles, trucks or SUVs a way to get rid of them and make themselves a bit of money. Online sites appeal to sellers because they offer nearly instantaneous results. Once you place a listing, offers to buy it come in almost immediately.

Some sites guarantee that your car will sell before a certain number of hours. If it does not, they will list item for sale, free of charge, at a site that is accessed by multiple popular search engines and they will keep the listing active until the vehicle is sold.   Sites offering money promise that they can find buyers for all types of transportation. They provide buyers for all types of transportation, whether they are junk, scrap, luxury, sports, classic, used, or practically new.

Who would benefit from cash for cars sites? This service benefits people who are moving to another state or out of the country, students beginning their studies in an urban area with mass transit, people retiring, those who have stopped driving for medical reasons, or anyone who needs money.   People wanting to place an item for sale can call any one of a number of online sites that offer money for junk vehicles. By filling out a form online, the seller can receive offers from buyers who will travel to wherever you are located. The vehicle does not have to be in working condition to be sold.

One of the advantages of selling to cash for cars companies is that you receive cash instantly. You do not need to make a purchase in order to receive money instantly. There is no waiting period required and the item sold can be in any condition.   Buyers of cars for scrap offer individuals cash on the spot and they remove the unsightly junker from the premises.

Some buyers offer sellers a greater amount of cash if they will transport the vehicle to the buyer’s location, but this is not necessary. Most cash for cars operations list a toll free telephone number that sellers can call to get an instant quote on what their vehicle is worth. By doing business with these companies, you avoid the hassles of listing your item in the newspaper or online. Your personal safety is assured because you do not have strangers coming to your home to look at the vehicle.

In the New York Metropolitan area, our company offers the most cash for your car. Cash or Cars New York has been paying cash to residents of NY, NJ, PA, and CT since 2005.  Most transactions will take less than 20 minutes to get paid.  One of our cash for cars site is Our company will arrange to pay you top dollar for all cars in the New York Metro area.  Visit us online today or call toll free at 1-888-781-4430!

Cash For Junk Cars New York

Have you got an old junk vehicle that you would like to eliminate? Excellent! This means its moment to identify an organization to come as well as tow aside which old rig. You’re almost certainly considering “Awesome”. For your remedy, Junk Car New York is really an expert junk car purchasing support which works junk car getting rid and pays best money with regard to vehicles in the New York, NY Metro area. We offer totally free Towing of your automobile and assist you to Market your own Junk Vehicle Without any Problems or Costs. Don’t let the title trick you, we perform support the New York, NY part. Right now in the following receives about Junk car New York services, processes and the reason why you select these types of services.


The services

  • We perform elimination of any kind of Junk, broken, damaged, or even undesirable vehicles from your Property totally free.
  • We supply simple, Hassle-Free pick-up of your Rubbish Cars, Destroyed Cars, Vehicles, as well as Vans, at simply no price for you!
  • Junker Clunker Island provides all the New York Metro locations.
  • Stop having to pay insurance coverage for the Junk Car you aren’t actually utilizing!!! Alternatively, let’s spend you. We’re providing money with regard to vehicles in Staten New York!
  • We will RECYCLE or REPAIR your aged rubbish vehicle and all of us usually get rid of discard alloys and all chemical substances through Environmentally Friendly and Lawful indicates, producing the actual Northeast an even more stunning location.


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RCO has introduced a new service on Staten Island that offers residents a great way to get rid of their old, junk or damaged cars….Junk My Car Staten Island!  Junk My Car Staten Island is a service for Staten Island residents to help get rid of that usesless vehicle and get cash at the same time.  You can get free onlne quotes by visiting or call 1-888-908-7314 to make arrangements for free tow and pickup.

Sometimes it may just not be worth sinking anymore money into that junk car and it may be time to say goodbye.  RCO makes it easy and you get paid cash at the same time.

Located right here in Staten Island NY, they have a vast network of junk dealers that work with them directly so they get you junk car quickly and pay you money at the same time!


RCO Auto Sales has transitioned over the past few years and now offers a service called RCO Cash For Cars becoming one of New York’s premier car buying services.  Residents in the NY Metro area have an opportunity to sell their new, used, leased, financed and junk vehicles for top dollar without all the hassle of trying to find a private buyer who actually has the cash for them.  You can get free online no hassle quotes by visiting or  Quotes are also offered over the phone by calling 718-227-2317.

Most transactions take less than 20 minutes to get paid the cash you need.  This eliminates unwanted, unnecessary calls from tire kickers and non qualified buyers.  Visit online or call today!


If you are a resident in the NY Metro area and need to sell your car Cash for Cars New York can help.  They pay the most cash for cars paying more than its competition.  Get  a FREE NO HASSLE quote online buy visiting them at  or call directly at 888-781-4430.  It doesn’t matter if you have a new, used, leased or junk car, they will pay the most!

Most transactions take less than 20 minutes and you get paid top dollar!


At one time or another you or a family member had a car to sell.  Unfortunately selling a car wasn’t as easy as it was hoped.  Entertaining strangers, tire kickers and scam artists may have also made the experience painful.

There is an easy way to get fast cash for cars in the NY Metro area.  The solutions is Cash For Cars New York.  Cash For Cars NY is operated by RCO Auto Sales of Staten Island.  We take pride in getting people the cash for cars they need, quickly without hassle.

Most transactions will take less than 20 minutes and we do all the paperwork.  All you need is proper identification and your cars title and we will get you cash for your car.

Visit us online at for a free no hassle quote or call 718-227-2317.


At RCO Auto Sales, we buy cars all over the New York Metro area however, being based in Staten Island it’s been our continued pleasure serviceing our local residents.  Our Staten Island Cash Cars website has been paying cash for cars staten island for over 7 years now.  We take pride in paying the most for your new and used car eliminating all the hassle of trying to sell it on your own.

Think about it, if you were looking for cash for cars, why take the drive into manhattan to one of those companies.  It would cost you over $20 in gas and tolls and if you don’t have a ride add more to that expense with someone following you for a ride home or taking public transportation back.  Add a cab ride into the mix and that amount goes higher.  The worst part is, you’ll waste several hours of your time and most companies will over quote you on the phone and lowball you when you arrive.  We do not do this not to mention, being located on staten island your expenses are minimal.

If you are looking to sell my car staten island give us a call at 718-227-2317 or visit us online at for a free no hassle instant quote on how much your car may be worth.

RCO Auto Sales – Staten Island Cash Cars is located at 49 Englewood Ave#2 Staten Island NY 10309.


One might ask the question, where can I get cash for cars in Staten Island NY.  Well I have an easy answer, just visit our http://sicashcars.comStaten Island Cash Cars is a website operated by our RCO Auto Sales of Staten Island.  We have been in business since 2005 and have been servicing local Staten Islanders since.  If you are thinking, “Where can I sell my car staten island?” We are your answer.

Most cash for cars companies operate out of the area, in fact, you will most likely have to pay 2 tolls including the Verazzano Bridge to get to their location.  You might also have to contend with the over quote price on the phone and low ball quote when you arrive.  We won’t do this to you and you won’t have to leave the island!

Located at 49 Englewood Ave #2 Staten Island, NY 10309, we will schedule you an appointment convient to your schedule.  The whole process will take you less than 20 minutes to get paid.

To receive a free no hassle online quote on how much cash for cars staten island you will recieve, visit our site or call 718-227-2317.