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As we all say goodbye to 2013, 2014 brings automotive owners a great opportunity at selling their new, used, leased, financed and junk cars for a great price.  Cash for Cars New York, NY’s premier car buying companies is on pace to become New York’s #1 cash for cars service.

With increased web support, online appraisals are delivered much quicker than ever before.  Most transactions take less than 20 minutes for you to get the cash you need.  Just visit their online website and select the service you need.  Afterwords, fill out the online questionnaire and in minutes you will get a realistic price you can expect to receive for your car.  For those who aren’t too computer savvy, you can call them directly at 888-781-4430.

Let 2014 be the year you cash in on your automobile!


Have you ever found yourself in a position where you need quick cash and the only true asset you own free and clear is your car?  If so, you are not alone.  These days owning a car can be a viable source of quick cash no matter the condition.  With car buying companies such as Cash for Cars New York, you can get free online quotes in as little as a few seconds.  You can visit us online at or call 888-781-4430.

When living in the New York metro areas, there are several companies you can use to get cash for cars New York such as Big Bucks Auto, Car Cash, Cash for Cars New York, Mobile Car Buyer, however Cash for Cars New York is straight forward and giving the most realistic price for your car over the phone.  Many companies will often over quote you to get you to their facility and then try low balling you when you arrive.  Cash for Cars New York will try and give you the most realistic quote in order to not waste your time.  In fact, many of their customers have come to them after they were insulted by other companies.

Best of luck selling your car and we hope you have a Merry Christmas!