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As we get closer to the middle of 2013, it appears that the used car index is holding strong.  As always there are several variables that go into play when estimating a cars value.  Condition always seems to be key.

The first thing you have to take into consideration is the vehicles history.  Did the car have any prior collisions and if so, how bad?  If the repairs are done to factory standards and the carfax report shows no accident then you should be ok seeing just a bit lower than average pricing.  Unfortunately if carfax shows the accident, you’re going to take a bit more of a hit getting less for your car.  Any major structural issues such as frame damage and unibody will also affect the cars value.

During the month of June, it appears that wholesale prices at used car auto auctions here in the North East were pretty strong and a bit higher than average which is a good thing if you were looking to get cash for cars.

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From time to time every car owner gets faced with with the question of how to sell a car?  The most rewarding way is selling the car privately.  If you have the time and effort, placing your vehicle for sale privately can get you the most cash for your car.  But does everyone have the time or patience?

When selling a car privately you will most certainly be faced with one if now all of the following problems…

  1. A person offers to pay you with a bank check for more than what the car is worth and you need to give them the car and cash balance back.  If you do this you just loss cash and your car.  This check is most likely a fake check and your bank will bounce it in a few days.  If this happens you will have little chance at getting any compensation.  Your car and cash will be lost.
  2. The tire kicker comes to your house and takes a bunch of your time, takes your car on a test drive, and then offers you thousands less than you want.
  3. The stranger calls you up at 11 PM right when you are ready for bed.  They make an appointment but never show.  Don’t be too surprised that many appointments you make never show up.  This happens often!
  4. Your doorbell rings with a stranger standing there.  He just so happened to be passing by and saw the for sale sign on your driveway.  What ever happened to calling the number on the for sale sign?
  5. A buyer offers to give you a deposit and then backs out of the deal and threatens to sue you if you don’t return the money.
  6. You just sold the car but the next day the buyer is standing on your doorstep with the keys and title.  The check engine light came on and the car started running rough, they don’t want it and want you to take it back.

The easier way of selling a car is using a cash for cars company such as http://cashforcarsnewyork.com.  Cash for Cars New York gives the seller a great opportunity at receiving an approximate price on what their vehicle is worth right on the internet.  You can receive a free no hassle quote online or call them directly at 888-781-4430.  They buy all types of new, used, leased, financed and junk vehicles all over the New York / New Jersey metro areas.

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Cash for Cars New York, New York’s top auto buyer for new and used vehicles, is gearing up to make a more aggressive improvement of their cash for cars New York  service.  This New York based operation now offers even faster quotes when visiting their site online at http://www.cashforcarsnewyork.com. The company has been continuously making significant improvements in the recent months to offer better offers to their customers. 

New York State automobile owners continue to benefit from repeated enhancements of online technology made possible from Cash for Cars New York. The company is acclaimed throughout New York and has been one of the industries most straight forward car buying companies in the region. Since 2006, they have completely revolutionized the concept of giving car owners cash quotes.  New York car owners already prefer availing their service because of customer friendly administrative process, realistic price quotes, and prompt payment system. The company’s focus towards efficiency enables most owner to sell their car in less than 20 minutes. To find out more about the world class cash for cars New York service, please visit http://cashforcarsnewyork.com.

This cash for cars company is promoting the message about the importance of utilizing a reputable cash for cars New York company, if someone is considering selling their car or truck. Cash for Cars New York continues its online presence by offering an instant quote over the phone at 888-781-4430 and regularly posts information on the company blog and social media pages. This information along with instant pricing the company hopes to attract more New York residents looking to sell their vehicle.

About the Company: Cashforcarsnewyork.com is a growing cash for cars service that offers cash for new, used, leased, financed and junk cars in the New York Metro area servicing residents in NY, NJ, CT, and PA.


Cash for Cars

Finally a great service that will pay the most cash for cars in the New York Metro area!  Cash for Cars New York is a great site operated by RCO Auto Sales and pays the most cash for cars NY since 2005.  Cars are purchased from all over the NY Metro area including, NY, NJ, CT, MD, and PA.

It’s easy, all you have to do to sell my car is visit them online at http://cashforcarsnewyork.com or call toll free at 1-888-781-4430 to receive a free no hassle quote on what your car may be worth.  Most transactions take less than 20 minutes to get cash for cars!  Unlike other services, their quotes are realistic so there are no surprises and no reverse bait and switch!

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If you happen to live in the New York, NY area and have been wondering, “Where can I sell my car?”, there is an answer.  visit http://www.Cash-For-Cars-NY.com or http://www.Cash-For-Cars-New-York.com to get FREE no hassle, no obligation quotes on how much your car is worth. .  Cash For Cars New York has been servicing the people of New York since 2005 getting them the most cash for cars.  Unlike other services, Cash For Cars NY will give you the best possible accurate quote without looking at the car.  This means, the quote they tell you over the phone is pretty much what to expect when getting paid.

There are a lot of companies that will pay cash for cars NY but Cash For Cars New York is the most upfront giving accurate information.  You may also call 718-227-2317 to get a phone quote.


At one time or another you or a family member had a car to sell.  Unfortunately selling a car wasn’t as easy as it was hoped.  Entertaining strangers, tire kickers and scam artists may have also made the experience painful.

There is an easy way to get fast cash for cars in the NY Metro area.  The solutions is Cash For Cars New York.  Cash For Cars NY is operated by RCO Auto Sales of Staten Island.  We take pride in getting people the cash for cars they need, quickly without hassle.

Most transactions will take less than 20 minutes and we do all the paperwork.  All you need is proper identification and your cars title and we will get you cash for your car.

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So it’s time to sell your car and trying to find that buyer is getting pretty frustrating.  One might think about turning to Ebaymotors.com to sell their car.  At one time I could honestly say this would have been a viable choice however lately most buyers on Ebaymotors tend to offer less money then we offer.  Fact is at one time we sold some of our inventory on Ebaymotors but over the past few years it seems that the money we get offered is less then what we actually paid for the car.  Not to bash Ebay but on occasion you can land a successful deal.  These days it seems few and far.  We have several ideas for Ebay so if they happen to find this and want to contact us, it would be a pleasure.

If you are looking for fast cash for cars, and don’t want to deal with the hassle of private buyers, tire kickers, and online auctions, you can get a free no hassle quote on how much your car is worth by visiting any of our 3 websites.  http://www.cashforcarsnewyork.com, http://www.rcoautosales.com, and http://www.sicashcars.com.  All 3 sites will get you a free no hassle cash for cars quote.

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When trying to get the maximum cash for cars there are a few things you will need to consider.  First off, does the car have any major, nicks, scratches, dings or mechanical issues.  If the car is older and your mindset ist to sell my car then you will just have to roll with the punches and take what they offer.  The fact is that if you put any type of work into the car you may have to conceed that you will not recoup that money and take a loss on your expenses.

Now here’s where it gets a bit tricky, If you have a newer car and have a few minor blemishes you may ask yourself, should I have it touched up professionaly in a body shop before I try to sell my car?  The problem with a touch up or repaint job is that most dealers will notice the paintwork and it will be hard to disprove the car was involved in an accident.  This definately will take off some of the cash for cars you were hoping for from a dealer.  Now if the buyer is private, they may never know and the investment was worth it.

Mechanical repairs are always a questionable thing as well.  There’s no guarantee you will recoup that money either when selling to a dealer.  It will help with a private buyer.

As always if you are looking for an honest approach on how much your car may be worth, you can visit any of our 3 sites at http://www.cashforcarsnewyork.com, http://www.rcoautosales.com, and http://www.sicashcars.com.  If you have junk cars you can visit our junk site at http://www.junkmycarstatenisland.com




The easiest way of getting fast cash for cars is simple…Cash For Cars NY!  Cash for Cars New York is operated by RCO Auto Sales of Staten Island.  We pride ourselves as New York’s premier car buying service.  Our approach is much different than other Car Cash companies.  While most companies over quote you over the telephone to get you excited and then low ball you when you arrive, Cash For Cars NY gives you a legit quote from the beginning.  Our philosophy is simple, we wouldn’t want this to happen to us if we were selling the car so why do it to others.  We call this tactic the reverse bait and switch.

Cash for Cars New York will give you a fast quote just by filling out a simple online questionnaire on our website http://cashforcarsnewyork.com or by calling 718-227-2317.

The whole process from the time you arrive usually takes less than 20 minutes and you get cash for cars.  Just bring us your title and drivers license.  We do all the paperwork.

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So the car you purchased just a few years ago just doesnt seem to excite you like it once did.  Maybe, you just want to buy something new but you seem to be getting the run around with your trade value.  A simple way to get cash for cars is by visiting Cash for Cars NY online at http://cashforcarsnewyork.com.  By filling out a simple questionaire, you get a fast estimate on how much cash for cars you can get.

This eliminates all the hassles of bartering with a trade it and for the general car seller, you just get fast cash for cars!

The whole process usually takes 20 minutes or less.  We do all the paperwork and deal with your finance company if necessary.  No headaches here when thinking, “Where can I sell my car?”.

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