So Kelly Blue Book says your car is worth $20K but nobody is offering you anything close to your asking price.  You keep asking yourself why can’t I get anything close to that price?  Well, there’s several factors you need to consider.

For starters, Kelly Blue Book is not in the business of buying cars.  Also, just because you see a car advertised at a certain price doesnt mean that people are paying that price.  Keep in mind, dealerships often get more money for the cars they sell for a few reasons.  One, they have to back the car under warranty and two they offer financing options.  These are 2 things you cant offer a private buyer.  Another factor is the human element.  Was your car serviced, does it have any prior accidents or paintwork?  How is the exterior body?  Are there alot of scratches and dings?  These elements may cause your vehicle to be devalued.  Even worse, Carfax updated their report to show an accident.  This definitely lowers the cars price.

One way to eliminate the headaches of trying to sell your car is using a cash for cars service such as  Companies like this offer free online and phone quotes.  They put a price on your car and set you up with an appointment.  In most cases, you can sell your car in just a few minutes.

Everyone likes to sell their car for the most money possible but sometimes it’s better to sell your car without all the headaches that come along with the process.