It’s never been easier when it comes to selling a car.  We all know that trying to find a private buyer for your car is pretty difficult.  Nobody ever seems to pay the money you are looking to receive and you’ve had more canceled appointments that one could imagine.  Cash for Cars New York make selling a car for cash in the Bronx pretty easy.  We offer free online quotes showing you exactly how much you could get for your car.   For those who aren’t computer savvy, just give us a call toll free at 888-781-4430.  Its pretty simple, get a quote, schedule an appointment, and get cash for your car.


So Kelly Blue Book says your car is worth $20K but nobody is offering you anything close to your asking price.  You keep asking yourself why can’t I get anything close to that price?  Well, there’s several factors you need to consider.

For starters, Kelly Blue Book is not in the business of buying cars.  Also, just because you see a car advertised at a certain price doesnt mean that people are paying that price.  Keep in mind, dealerships often get more money for the cars they sell for a few reasons.  One, they have to back the car under warranty and two they offer financing options.  These are 2 things you cant offer a private buyer.  Another factor is the human element.  Was your car serviced, does it have any prior accidents or paintwork?  How is the exterior body?  Are there alot of scratches and dings?  These elements may cause your vehicle to be devalued.  Even worse, Carfax updated their report to show an accident.  This definitely lowers the cars price.

One way to eliminate the headaches of trying to sell your car is using a cash for cars service such as  Companies like this offer free online and phone quotes.  They put a price on your car and set you up with an appointment.  In most cases, you can sell your car in just a few minutes.

Everyone likes to sell their car for the most money possible but sometimes it’s better to sell your car without all the headaches that come along with the process.


As NYC slowly has businesses introducing themselves online with the new .nyc domain name extensions.  There’s a great way of getting cash for cars quotes in the New York area with New York City’s premier car buying domain  Cash for Cars NYC is one of New Yorks newest car buying companies and can assist when we cant.

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As we all say goodbye to 2013, 2014 brings automotive owners a great opportunity at selling their new, used, leased, financed and junk cars for a great price.  Cash for Cars New York, NY’s premier car buying companies is on pace to become New York’s #1 cash for cars service.

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Let 2014 be the year you cash in on your automobile!


Have you ever found yourself in a position where you need quick cash and the only true asset you own free and clear is your car?  If so, you are not alone.  These days owning a car can be a viable source of quick cash no matter the condition.  With car buying companies such as Cash for Cars New York, you can get free online quotes in as little as a few seconds.  You can visit us online at or call 888-781-4430.

When living in the New York metro areas, there are several companies you can use to get cash for cars New York such as Big Bucks Auto, Car Cash, Cash for Cars New York, Mobile Car Buyer, however Cash for Cars New York is straight forward and giving the most realistic price for your car over the phone.  Many companies will often over quote you to get you to their facility and then try low balling you when you arrive.  Cash for Cars New York will try and give you the most realistic quote in order to not waste your time.  In fact, many of their customers have come to them after they were insulted by other companies.

Best of luck selling your car and we hope you have a Merry Christmas!



As we get closer to the middle of 2013, it appears that the used car index is holding strong.  As always there are several variables that go into play when estimating a cars value.  Condition always seems to be key.

The first thing you have to take into consideration is the vehicles history.  Did the car have any prior collisions and if so, how bad?  If the repairs are done to factory standards and the carfax report shows no accident then you should be ok seeing just a bit lower than average pricing.  Unfortunately if carfax shows the accident, you’re going to take a bit more of a hit getting less for your car.  Any major structural issues such as frame damage and unibody will also affect the cars value.

During the month of June, it appears that wholesale prices at used car auto auctions here in the North East were pretty strong and a bit higher than average which is a good thing if you were looking to get cash for cars.

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On a daily basis, there are many people that are faced with the unwanted task of trying to sell their automobile but just have no idea how to accomplish the mission.  It can become frustrating trying to find buyers for your car, not to mention expensive.  Think about it, to effectively find a buyer you have to pay for advertisements and most of these people will jerk you around.

For those who are looking for cash for cars in Staten Island NY, there is an easy solution. Cashfor Cars New York has been buying all types of new, used, leased financed and junk cars from residents since 2005. In less than 20 minutes, you can get the cash you need without all the hassles. For starters, visit them online at or call 888-781-4430 to receive a free no hassle quote on what your car might be worth.

Located at 49 Englewood Ave in Staten Island, they will make an appointment for you to bring your car in. If all goes well, you’ll have the fast cash you need quickly. T

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From time to time every car owner gets faced with with the question of how to sell a car?  The most rewarding way is selling the car privately.  If you have the time and effort, placing your vehicle for sale privately can get you the most cash for your car.  But does everyone have the time or patience?

When selling a car privately you will most certainly be faced with one if now all of the following problems…

  1. A person offers to pay you with a bank check for more than what the car is worth and you need to give them the car and cash balance back.  If you do this you just loss cash and your car.  This check is most likely a fake check and your bank will bounce it in a few days.  If this happens you will have little chance at getting any compensation.  Your car and cash will be lost.
  2. The tire kicker comes to your house and takes a bunch of your time, takes your car on a test drive, and then offers you thousands less than you want.
  3. The stranger calls you up at 11 PM right when you are ready for bed.  They make an appointment but never show.  Don’t be too surprised that many appointments you make never show up.  This happens often!
  4. Your doorbell rings with a stranger standing there.  He just so happened to be passing by and saw the for sale sign on your driveway.  What ever happened to calling the number on the for sale sign?
  5. A buyer offers to give you a deposit and then backs out of the deal and threatens to sue you if you don’t return the money.
  6. You just sold the car but the next day the buyer is standing on your doorstep with the keys and title.  The check engine light came on and the car started running rough, they don’t want it and want you to take it back.

The easier way of selling a car is using a cash for cars company such as  Cash for Cars New York gives the seller a great opportunity at receiving an approximate price on what their vehicle is worth right on the internet.  You can receive a free no hassle quote online or call them directly at 888-781-4430.  They buy all types of new, used, leased, financed and junk vehicles all over the New York / New Jersey metro areas.

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As most people who try to sell their cars the conventional way by listing their vehicle in classifieds and placing for sale signs on their car windows, there is an easier way to get cash for cars.  Cash For Cars New York is a service that offers people in the NY and NJ areas the opportunity to sell their car for cash without all the hassles of trying to find a buyer.  In most cases a buyer can sell a car in less than 20 minutes.

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How to Sell a Car


When selling a car, private transactions almost always generate more money than selling to a dealer. Make the process smoother by putting yourself in the buyer’s shoes and sell your car quickly, and possibly for more money.


  • 1 – Clear out your car, then wash, vacuum and wax it. Fix minor problems, or prepare to come down substantially in your asking price. A clean car will bring more money than the exact same car that is dirty.


  • 2 – Have a mechanic look at your car before you sell to help appraise its value and identify problems. This will keep some buyers from telling you to lower the price by claiming the car needs significant work.


  • 3 – Research the vehicle’s value in the Kelley Blue Book (, and compare with other sellers’ asking prices for the same vintage model. This will give you the basis for a realistic price (add a little more so you can comfortably bargain).


  • 4 – Post an ad in the newspaper, online, in the window of your car, on community bulletin boards–wherever you can get the word out. Create a Web site to display additional photos and descriptions of the vehicle. Be sure to highlight selling points such as low mileage, great condition, option packages, aftermarket additions (new hardtop or car alarm), number of owners (if it’s very low), nonsmoking owner(s), and complete maintenance records.


  • 5 – Run a car history report on your vehicle through a service such as, then print it to show prospective buyers.


  • 6 – Make sure you have in your possession: the title, no outstanding tickets, a bill of sale or vehicle transfer form (available from the DMV), up-to-date emissions certification, registration and a release of liability form. Your local DMV will be able to identify the correct paperwork needed for your state or city.

  • 7 – Confirm that anyone wanting to test-drive your car has a current driver’s license. Be prepared for potential buyers to ask if their mechanic can check out the car. If you’ve had a mechanic look at your car recently, you can show the receipt or work order. It is recommended to “hang on to” the prospective buyers keys while they test drive your car.


  • 8 – After you’ve agreed on a price, ask for cash or a certified check. Do not accept personal checks or payment in installments.


  • 9- Fill out the bill of sale, which buyer and seller both sign, and make copies for you both. Sign over the title and fill out a release of liability form (available at the DMV). Cancel your insurance for the car, so if anything happens to it you won’t be responsible. Unless you have arranged otherwise, it’s a good idea to add “Car is sold in ‘as is’ condition without any guarantee or warranty” to the bill of sale.


  • 10 – Make sure you have removed all personal possessions from the vehicle including carseats, window shades, trunk storage accessories, cd holders, etc. Most importantly, remove the licence plates before they drive away. This will eliminate any potential problems that may occur on your end. If stopped by the police, the buyer will be able to use the bill of sale as a documentation for proof of ownership.

One of the easiest ways to sell a car is using a cash for cars service.  Many of these companies take the sting out of selling a car and can get you the cash you need quickly without all the hassle.

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